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Triple Whammy & Springtime Sippers


This Week's In-Store Tastings

Triple Whammy
Thursday, May 4th, 6-8 p.m.

Champalou Vouvray 2015: $22, $19.80
Domaine de Reuilly Pinot Gris Rosé 2016: $23.00, $20.70

Manoella Wine and Soul Douro 2014: $23, $20.70

This Thursday, we present the perfect springtime white, an elegant and unconventional rosé, and a full-bodied red to enjoy after dusk.
Springtime Sippers
Saturday, May 6th, 4-6 p.m.

Le Clos du Gravillas Minervois Blanc L'Inattendu 2015: $32, $28.80
Richard Bocking Riesling 2015: $16, $14.40
Domaine des Hauts Baigneux Les Pentes Touraine Rouge 2016: $22, $19.80
Saturday's tasting includes two distinctive whites that complement the warm weather, as well as a red to serve chilled as the days grow longer.

A 10% in-store discount will be applied to all wines featured at our in-store tastings.
Thursday May 4th
Champalou Vouvray 2015: $22, $19.80

Thoroughly crisp yet unctuous in texture, Champalou's Chenin boasts a nose of white peach, nectarine, and beeswax, which carries through to the palate.  This vintage's touch of residual sugar provides muscle and weightiness that give way to a puckering finish.
Domaine de Reuilly Pinot Gris Rosé 2016: $23, $20.70

The region's first vines were planted in the 7th century, and Domaine de Reuilly has produced wine continuously in the eponymous AOC since the end of the Second World War.  The estate practices sustainable farming and sources oak from its own property for its barrels, although this Pinot Gris sees stainless steel exclusively.  The grape's darker skin allows it to be vinified as rosé, and this unconventional offering exhibits a mineral foundation from the vineyards' Kimmeridgian soil.

Manoella Wine and Soul Douro 2014: $23, $20.70

A field blend of native Portuguese varietals, this fruity, structured red displays spice, blackberry, cigar box, and chocolate.  Enjoy one of our favorite Cabernet alternatives with grilled steaks, and consider putting a few bottles aside for the cooler months.
Saturday May 6th
Le Clos du Gravillas Minervois Blanc L'Inattendu 2015: $32, $28.80

Founded in 1996, Clos du Gravillas sits on a plateau of crushed white limestone.  Certified organic and produced with a low-intervention approach, the estate's flagship white, a blend of Grenache Blanc and Macabeu, shows richness on the nose from 11 months on its lees in Austrian barrels, as well as a defined minerality on the finish.  The antidote to flabby, high-alcohol whites that emanate from the region, "The Unexpected" pairs nicely with saltier fare, from sardines to veal cutlets.
Richard Bocking Riesling 2015: $16, $14.40

Opening with crisp apple and honeyed pecan, Bocking Riesling offers enough acid on the palate to balance its decidedly off-dry nature, allowing for a crisp and focused finish.  Serve it with a salad and witness your friends who say they hate sweet wines clamoring for another bottle.
Domaine des Hauts Baigneux Les Pentes Touraine Rouge 2016: $22, $19.80

Farmed organically on clay soil, Les Pentes is a juicy, fruit-forward blend of Cabernet Franc, Gamay, and Grolleau with good acid and an earthy undercurrent.  Serve it chilled and pair it with your picnic.


Meet Jesse Skiles from Fausse Piste!


Meet the Winemaker!

Fausse Piste
Wednesday, April 26th, 6-8 p.m.

Fausse Piste The Alpine Selection Viognier 2013: $23, $20.70
Fausse Piste Garde Manger Columbia Valley Syrah 2014: $24, $21.60

Fausse Piste Vegetable Lamb Pinot Noir 2014: $34, $30.60

Jesse Skiles is a native Pacific Northwesterner, a cook by trade, and a winemaker by coincidence. Jesse's Fausse Piste wines pay homage to Washington and Oregon, where he sources his grapes, as well as the Rhône Valley, his principal inspiration. Though he's worked as a vintner for the past decade, his background in the restaurant business results in a focus on food-friendliness first and foremost.  He'll be here in person on Wednesday the 26th for a special tasting, where he'll pour some of his recent bottlings and chat with us about his winemaking ethos!

A 10% in-store discount will be applied to all wines featured at our in-store tastings.
Visiting Vintners: Jesse from Fausse Piste
Fausse Piste The Alpine Selection Viognier 2013: $23, $20.70 

This high-elevation Viognier draws its fruit from sites in both Washington and Oregon and ages in a combination of concrete, stainless steel, oak, and acacia.  Lean and light-bodied for its style, The Alpine Selection offers pear, apricot, and hazelnut on the nose and a clean, zesty finish.
Fausse Piste Garde Manger Columbia Valley Syrah 2014: $24, $21.60

Though it's vinified in Portland, Oregon, Garde Manger draws its fruit from Columbia Valley, Washington.  Bottled unfined and unfiltered, this savory, cool-climate Syrah shows notes of olive, plum, and tobacco.  Look no further than grilled lamb, Syrah's most iconic pairing partner!
Fausse Piste Vegetable Lamb Pinot Noir 2014: $34, $30.60

Fausse Piste's curiously-named Willamette Pinot is particularly fresh and loamy; Jesse sources its fruit from two biodynamically-farmed vineyards: Momtazi, whose fruit is renowned for its earthy notes of tea and dried leaves, and Johan, whose microclimate is significantly cooler than that of the Willamette's more famous sites.  Vibrant yet rustic, Vegetable Lamb calls for roast duck.


Rosy Shades and Advanced Italians


This Week's In-Store Tastings

Rosy Shades
Thursday, April 20Rosth, 6-8 p.m.

Cantine Le Grotte Nero di Troia Selva Della Rocca 2014: $18, $16.20

Yohan Lardy Moulin-A-Vent Les Michelons 2014: $30, $27

Pink, red, and purple – this Thursday, we'll sample each hue, beginning with a lofty sparkling rosé from Burgundy that drinks like Champagne.  We'll follow with a Moulin-A-Vent from one of Beaujolais' most promising young producers, then finish with an inky Nero di Troia, a perfumed, velvety wine from one of Puglia's heirloom grapes.
Advanced Italians
Saturday, April 22nd, 5:15-7 p.m.

Marjan Sim?i? Ribolla Selekcija 2012: $31, $27.90
Pace Nebbiolo Rosato 2015: $17, $15.30
Obermoser St. Magdalener Classico 2014: $22, $19.80

This Saturday, we'll consider two Italians and an honorary entry from across the border in Brda, Slovenia. Our advanced and unusual lineup includes a rare Nebbiolo rosato as well as a Magdalener showcasing a grape and terroir far-removed from our image of Italy. Our Slovenian Ribolla Gialla shows noticeable skin contact and harkens to the region's style prior to the advent of modern winemaking – it pays to remember the classics.

A 10% in-store discount will be applied to all wines featured at our in-store tastings.
Rosy Shades
Cantine Le Grotte Nero di Troia Selva Della Rocca 2014: $18, $16.20

Nero di Troia, Puglia's third-most-famous varietal behind Negroamaro and Primitivo, is thought to have originated in present-day Albania, though its name implies the mythical city of Troy. Cantine Le Grotte is a brand new, state-of-the-art winery in Foggia, Puglia's best site for the grape given its calcareous soils and maritime climate. Selva Della Rocca shows blackberry, violet, and spice on the nose, with toasty density, earthy undertones, and elegant, silky tannins that invite pairings with barbecue.
Yohan Lardy Moulin-A-Vent Les Michelons 2014: $30, $27

Yohan Lardy, a Fleurie native, is among Beaujolais' most promising producers. His muscular Moulin-A-Vent, sourced from hundred-year-old vines on a two-hectare plot considered one of the finest sites in the appellation, shows lush red fruit, cinnamon, and smoke, with a lingering, structured finish.  Despite its light body, its rich flavors allow pairings with lamb and game meats.

Advanced Italians
Marjan Sim?i? Ribolla Selekcija 2012: $31, $27.90

The vineyards of fifth-generation winemaking family Sim?i? span the border between Italy and Brda, Slovenia, Ribolla Gialla's spiritual home. Hand-picked and sorted from 50-year-old vines on mineral rich soil, the estate's grapes see six days of skin contact during fermentation, and the end result boasts a ten-year shelf life. Fragrant notes of dried fruit and brioche predominate, inviting versatile pairings with soup, poultry, or even red meat.
Pace Nebbiolo Rosato: $17, $15.30

An intense rosato with high acid and a touch of tannin, Pace offers strawberry, cherry, flowers, and savory spice. One of our most flavorful and food-friendly rosés, Pace yearns to be paired with lighter pasta dishes or grilled hotdogs and burgers.
Obermoser St. Magdalener Classico 2014: $22, $19.80

Obermoser's Schiava/Lagrein blend emanates from Italy's cool-climate Dolomite mountains. Berry and citrus lead, with a hint of pepper and a low-tannin finish. Enjoy it with subtle Italian fare, or serve it alone with a light chill.


Going East and Weekend Rosé & Sparkling Sale!


This Week's In-Store Tasting:

Going East – Burgundy, Jura and Savoie
Thursday, April 13th, 6-8 p.m.

Les Chais du Vieux Bourg Crémant du Jura Délire des Lyres 2011: $35, $31.50
Saint Romain Jongieux Cru Jacquère 2014: $17, $15.30

Domaine Comte Senard Bourgogne Rouge Auguste 2014: $29, $26.10

This week, we feature elegant and expressive wines from Eastern France – Burgundy, Jura, and Savoie.   These cool-climate bottlings are light-bodied yet lengthy on the finish, and each shows a well-defined mineral edge that will enliven lighter cuisine.  Please stop by and enjoy an uplifting glass of each at the end of your afternoon!
Rosé and Sparklers on Sale!
Friday, April 14th–Sunday, April 16th

Whether you're celebrating Easter or just enjoying the warm weather, you won't want to miss our big introductory sale on rosé, bubbles, and pink bubbles!  We will offer a 10% discount on any rosé or sparkling wine when you take home two or more of the same bottle!*

A 10% in-store discount will be applied to all wines featured at our in-store tasting.
*Offer excludes Champagne, Robert Sinskey Rosé, Pibarnon Rosé, and Arnot-Roberts Rosé.

Thursday's Tasting: Eastern France
Les Chais du Vieux Bourg Crémant du Jura Délire des Lyres: $35, $31.50

An assemblage of Chardonnay, Savagnin and Pinot Noir, this sparkler comes from "The Cellars of the Old Town," a first-generation winery in Jura operated by a husband-and-wife team hailing, respectively, from Bavaria and Paris.  Dough and baking spice complement its aromas of apple and pear, while its full texture belies its mineral underpinning and focused finish.
Saint Romain Jongieux Cru Jacquère 2014: $17, $15.30

Savoie in the French Alps boasts a fantastic climate for grape-growing. This Jacquère, produced from fruit grown on marl and limestone soil, is vinified in stainless steel, then aged on its lees to impart some texture. This Jongieux offers white flowers, peach, and thyme on a crisp, mineral canvas.
Domaine Comte Senard Bourgogne Rouge Auguste 2014: $29, $26.10

Entry-level in name only, this Burgundy is sourced from 40-year-old vines on a one-acre plot and sees 18 months in oak, much like the Domaine's higher-end bottlings. Petal and berry on the nose give way to vanilla on the finish, making this clean and easygoing Pinot a perfect partner for roast chicken.


Brooks Winery & Carneros in the Spotlight


This Week's In-Store Tastings

Visiting Vintners: Chris Williams from Brooks Winery
Thursday, April 6th, 6-8 p.m.

Brooks Willamette Valley Riesling 2013: $20, $18
Brooks Ara Riesling 2015: $29, $26.10

Brooks Janus Pinot Noir 2013: $40, $36
Brooks Yamhill Vineyard Riesling 2015: pre-sale

Jimi Brooks was a charismatic force in Oregon's winemaking community who championed Riesling and tirelessly advocated for biodynamic farming in the Willamette Valley.  After his untimely passing in 2004, his friends and neighbors completed the harvest on his property and produced wines informed by Jimi's ethos and reverent towards his terroir. This so inspired Jimi's sister, Janie, that she decided to continue operating, managing and expanding Brooks in order to preserve Jimi's legacy for his young son, Pascal. Chris Williams, a longtime friend of Jimi's who helped with the '04 vintage, took over as Brooks' full-time winemaker in '05, and has worked in concert with Janie and Pascal in order to preserve the Estate's traditions. Chris is joining us for a special tasting this Thursday. In addition to the estate's flagship Pinot Noir, Chris will be showing three Rieslings, two of which we currently stock. The third, the winery's forthcoming Yamhill Vineyard Riesling, will be offered as a preorder.
Carneros in the Spotlight
Saturday, April 8th, 4-6 p.m.

Matthiasson Linda Vista Chardonnay 2015: $35, $31.50
Matthiasson Rosé 2016: $29, $26.10
Robert Sinskey POV 2012: $40, $36.00

This Saturday, we highlight Los Carneros AVA, the first in California to be established on the basis of its terroir rather than geographic boundaries, through the lens of two of its most visionary winemakers; Robert Sinskey and Steve Matthiasson.  Sinskey, a winemaker with no formal oenological training, has worked for decades to restore wine to its place as an accompaniment to a great meal as well as a vehicle for culture, while Matthiasson, a respected consultant for some of California's most prestigious producers, has endeavored to pull away from the "Big California" model with the wines under his own label, following his muse without sacrificing pleasure and purpose for esotericism.  Each producer has been pivotal in California's move towards an agricultural and winemaking style more reverential towards the environment, and we are thrilled to present a selection of the two producers' wines.

A 10% in-store discount will be applied to all wines featured at our in-store tastings.
Visiting Vintners: Chris from Brooks
Pascal Brooks at sunrise
Dream Team: Pascal, Janie and Chris
Brooks Willamette Valley Riesling 2015: $20, $18.00 

A medium-bodied, dry, and aromatic wine, Brooks Willamette Valley Riesling offers melon and spice on the nose and an herbal touch on the finish, inviting pairings with Tandoori cuisine.
Brooks Ara Riesling 2015: $29, $26.10

Sourced from Yamhill Vineyards and Brooks Estate, this light-bodied yet powerful elixir will stand up to years of bottle aging. Produced biodynamically and fermented in stainless steel, Ara shows peach and citrus, and its lengthy finish complements richer Asian dishes.
Brooks Janus Pinot Noir 2013: $40, $36

Brooks' flagship Pinot Noir vividly evokes the Willamette Valley's terroir and aura.  French oak adds structure and finish without stifling Janus' characteristic fresh, lively fruit, and its undercurrent of mushroom and loam.  Pair with Pacific Northwestern fare.
Saturday's Tasting: Spotlight on Carneros
Matthiasson Linda Vista Chardonnay 2015: $35, $31.50

Having leased a vineyard directly behind their house, the Matthiassons worked judiciously to ensure the perfect balance in this Chardonnay, harvesting on five separate occasions to combine younger, high-acid grapes with richer fruit picked later in the season. Apples and honey lead on the nose, with the Linda Vista Chardonnay's pleasing mouthfeel delineated by faint minerality.
Matthiasson Rosé 2016: $29, $26.10

A fresh, vibrant Rhône blend, Matthiasson's 2016 Rosé offers a bright, clean, and citrusy bouquet, with texture imparted through sur lie aging rather than ramped-up alcohol, allowing you to enjoy another glass as you ring in the springtime.
Robert Sinskey POV 2012: $40, $36

Iconoclastic Carneros producer Robert Sinskey offers a Meritage blend that nods to a claret's raison d'être – illuminating honest food, rather than collecting dust in a cellar. This cuvée of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon offers raspberry, blackcurrant, savory herbs, and a refreshing dash of acid on the finish.


Southern Exposure & Wonderful Wallflowers


This Week's In-Store Tastings

Southern Exposure
Thursday, March 30th, 6-8 p.m.

Pedro Parra y Familia Cinsault Imaginador  2015: $23, $20.70
A Los Viñateros Bravos Cinsault Canto a Lo Divino 2014: $19, $17.10

Antiyal Maipo Valley Carmenere Pura Fe 2015: $21, $18.90

After having recently highlighted five wines representative of Chile's new wave – terroir-specific, low-intervention, mineral-edged, and organic – we'll be pouring two of our favorites from Itata Valley, as well as Antiyal from the Maipo Valley, a rich, full-bodied Carmenere that shows off the versatility of biodynamic agriculture and winemaking.
Wonderful Wallflowers
Saturday, April 1st, 4-6 p.m.

Clément et Florian Berthier Pouilly-Fumé 2015: $23, $20.70
Domaine de la Pinte Arbois Pupillin Chardonnay Fonteneille 2014: $25, $22.50
Domaine de la Pinte Arbois Poulsard "De l'Ami Karl" 2015: $26, $23.40

This Saturday, we'll present three wines you may have previously passed on, or simply haven't noticed! Don't be shy – these styles have so much going on once you get to know them! First, we'll examine Pouilly-Fumé, Sancerre's neighbor across the river that often pairs even more perfectly with your favorite fare! Next, we'll make our way to Jura, where nerds and novices alike are wowed by a region where intense, oxidative white wines preside, supported by cerebral yet approachable reds for lovers of Burgundy and cru Beaujolais.

A 10% in-store discount will be applied to all wines featured at our in-store tastings.
Thursday's Tasting: Southern Exposure
Pedro Parra y Familia Cinsault Imaginador 2015: $23, $20.70 

A respected terroir consultant, Pedro Parra takes inspiration from regions like Galicia that produce high-end, terroir-driven wine despite being considered climatically marginal for grape-growing. Parra, who hails from Chile's southern port city, Concepción, applies these ideas to Chile's oldest regions under vine. A field blend sourced from rustic vineyards, Parra's "Imaginador" is comprised of Cinsault as well as small quantities of Carignan, País, and even Muscat and Sémillon. Red fruit gives way to chalky tannins informed by the vineyards' granite soils.
A Los Viñateros Bravos Cinsault Canto a Lo Divino 2014: $19, $17.10

Leonardo Erazo, like Pedro Parra, has traveled the world studying biodynamics and geology in order to apply his knowledge to his native Chile, where he has worked to fine-tune the efforts of local growers, who, by default, have practiced dry-farming and organic growing for centuries. His Cinsault from his Itata Valley project, "To the Brave Winemakers," shows red fruit, earth, and mineral notes – serious enough to match food, light enough to be enjoyed chilled by itself.
Antiyal Maipo Valley Carmenere Pura Fe 2015: $21, $18.90

While the terroir of Itata Valley naturally lends itself to organic practices, Antiyal is an outlier in the Maipo Valley, where the terroir requires irrigation, and the style tends towards rich and full-bodied Cabernet and Carmenere. Though it sees more intervention in the cellar, including new oak, the grapes in Antiyal's Carmenere are farmed organically, and the winery is a small operation kept in the family.  A structured, dark purple offering with green pepper and plum.
Saturday's Tasting: Wonderful Wallflowers
Clément et Florian Berthier Pouilly-Fumé 2015: $23, $20.70

With subtle gooseberry and flint punctuating its densely-wrought texture, Berthier's Pouilly-Fumé rivals Sancerre in quality and outstrips it in value and food affinity.
Domaine de la Pinte Arbois Pupillin Chardonnay Fonteneille 2014: $25, $22.50

Founded by geologist-turned-vigneron Roger Martin, Pinte's vineyards are planted to a distinctive band of blue marl traversing the region, imbuing the wines with natural minerality that balances the region's trademark oxidation. "Fonteneille" hints at the region's celebrated vin jaune style, hitting notes of almond and gentle umami without deviating too abruptly from the varietal's fruit and weight.
Domaine de la Pinte Arbois Poulsard "De l'Ami Karl" 2015: $26, $23.40

After several difficult vintages in the region, Jura's 2015 reds have returned to their taut, wiry heights. This Poulsard offers rose, licorice, spice, and an abundance of bright acidity.


Fermented Grape Juice Juggernauts and From Pinot Blanc to CDP!


Join us for This Week's In-Store Tastings!

Fermented Grape Juice Juggernauts!
Thursday, March 23, 6-8 p.m.
Domaine Chignard Juliénas Beauvernay 2014: $23.00, $20.70
Ata Rangi Sauvignon Blanc 2015: $23.00, $20.70
Domaine D'Aupilhac Lou Maset 2014 $17, $15.30

This Thursday evening, we're featuring wines from Beaujolais, Martinborough and the Languedoc.  Each region is emerging from the shadow of its more famous neighbor (Burgundy, Marlborough, and the Rhône valley), and each offers spectacular wine and exceptional value.

From Pinot Blanc to Châteauneuf-du-Pape!
Saturday, March 25, 4-6 p.m.
Emile Beyer Pinot Blanc Tradition 2015 : $17.00, $15.30
Pecchenino Sirì d'Jermu Dogliani Superiore 2013: $26.00, $23.40
Domaine de Châteaumar Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2014: $40, $36.00

This Saturday, we'll be hopping from Northern France to Northern Italy to experience Pinot Blanc and Dolcetto at their most refined, then crisscrossing back to the Rhône to catch up with an icon.

Thursday's Tasting: Fermented Grape Juice Juggernauts!
Ata Rangi Sauvignon Blanc 2015$23.00 $20.70

This weighty Sauvignon Blanc from Martinborough on New Zealand's North Island is a cuvée of four lots.  While most of the juice ferments in stainless steel, some is barrel-fermented before reaching the final blend, another lot goes through full malolactic fermentation, and a fourth ages on its skins! You know we love skin contact at Nolita, and this unusual and elegant rendition of a NZ SB beckons with peach, apple, spice and puckering citrus.
Domaine Chignard Juliénas Beauvernay 2014: $23.00 $20.70

Known for its work in Fleurie, Domaine Chignard has recently begun producing in the oldest Beaujolais cru, Juliénas, on a parcel on a small hill that lends its name to the wine.  Produced from sixty-year-old vines on granite soil – common in the region but unusual in this appellation – Beauvernay is rich and earthy, boasting cinnamon, strawberry, and a mineral edge.
Domaine D'Aupilhac Lou Maset 2014 $17.00 $15.30

A blend of Grenache and Carignan with a touch of Syrah, Cinsault and Alicante Bouchet, Sylvain Fadat's organic and biodynamic Languedoc red offers herbs, blackcurrant, and pomegranate on the nose.

Saturday's Tasting: From Pinot Blanc to Châteauneuf-du-Pape!
Emile Beyer Pinot Blanc Tradition 2015$17.00 $15.30

Resplendent with apricot and pear as well as a delicate herbal touch on the nose, Beyer's Pinot Blanc offers enough texture and weight to assert itself alongside rich wintery stews. This elevated Pinot Blanc perfectly embodies its region's terroir and winemaking aesthetic.
Pecchenino Sirì d'Jermu Dogliani Superiore 2013$26.00 $23.40

A single vineyard Dolcetto from Dogliani, the Piedmont region's most classic site for the grape, Sirì d'Jermu offers spice and stone fruit on the nose, with a smooth, structured palate and a lengthy finish.  A food wine par excellence, this Dogliani begs to be matched with bold cuisine. 
Domaine du Chateaumar Chateauneuf du Pape 2014$40.00 $36.00

Châteaumar's Châteauneuf-du-Pape is produced from vines farmed on red clay and the region's famous galets by a father and son team who eschew pesticides and herbicides. A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, Châteaumar shows raisin, plum and blackberry encrusted with garrigue and dusted with white pepper.


Aperitivo Slalom with Haus Alpenz!


Join us for This Week's In-Store Tasting!

Aperitivo Slalom with Haus Alpenz!
Saturday, March 18, 4-6 p.m.

Bonal Gentiane-Quina
Cocchi Americano

Dolin Vermouth: Dry & Rouge
Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette
St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

Enjoy 5% off each Haus Alpenz selection!

Saturday's Tasting: Aperitivo Slalom with Haus Alpenz!
Bonal Gentiane-Quina vs. Cocchi Americano: $20

Bonal Gentiane-Quina, one of the world's great apéritifs, has been produced since 1865 by fortifying grape juice with brandy and infusing quinine, gentian, and herbs from the Grande Chartreuse mountain range.  Cocchi Americano, Italy's rejoinder in the aperitivo category, was first bottled in 1891.  With its Moscato d'Asti base infused with quinine and other herbs, citrus and botanicals, Cocchi Americano was originally designed to stave off malaria, but found new life as an aperitivo and then a classic cocktail ingredient, where it may be substituted in any recipe calling for the no-longer-available Kina Lillet.
Dolin Vermouth: Dry & Rouge $10.50

Italian vermouth may enjoy the name-brand recognition, but Dolin, produced in Chambéry, is the only French vermouth with its own AOC. Drier and lighter than most vermouth on the market, Dolin rouge and dry belong in subtle, delicate cocktails alongside liquors like grappa and eau de vie.
Rothman's Crème de Violette & St Elizabeth's Allspice Dram: $23.75 & $25.65

Rothman's Crème de Violette, the first on the market in a decade, is produced in Austria from wild violets found in the Alps.  Famous for imparting a subtle floral aroma and a beautiful hue to Champagne-based cocktails, Crème de Violette is also used in a variety of cakes and chocolates. St. Elizabeth's Allspice Dram, also produced in Austria according to a recipe from the West Indies, is a rum infused with the allspice berry, whose flavor encapsulates clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper.  This versatile liqueur can be used in mulled wine and most traditional punch recipes.


Imports from Germany and Upstate!


Join us for This Week's In-Store Tasting!
Thursday, March 16th, 6-8 p.m.

Imports from Germany (and Upstate)!
10% discount applied at checkout
Peter Lauer Riesling Barrel X 2015$19.00 $17.00
Bellwether Rosé 2016$21.00 $19.00
Shelter Spatburgunder 2013: $30.00 $27.00

Vom Boden's celebrated portfolio highlights small-production, low-intervention producers from Germany, as well as a handful from France and the United States. Join us as we raise a glass to Rhenish riesling, discover the depth and complexity of Germany's unheralded reds, and pine for the summer with a rosé from the near north!

Thursday's Tasting: Imports from Germany (and Upstate)!
Peter Lauer Riesling Barrel X 2015: $19.00 $17.10

Lauer's exquisite off-dry offering showcases the estate's "platonic ideal" of a Saar riesling, where slate, apple, and ginger on the nose give way to a textured mouthfeel and a focused finish. Showcase the noble varietal's versatility by matching Barrel X with grilled pork chops and stewed pears.
Bellwether Rosé 2016$21.00 $19.00

Replete with grapefruit, cherry and citrus, Bellwether's rosé of Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with a midsummer's day, but you can enjoy it with seafood or baked fish while you wait for the weather to pick up!
Shelter Spatburgunder 2013: $30.00 $27.00

Forget the thin, indifferent Pinots that give Baden a bad name!  Shelter's vineyards north of the Alsatian border on the Rhine's southwest-facing slopes receive just the right amount of sunlight to ripen the grapes without cooking them, while the estate's Burgundian-style vinification produces a meaty, earthy Pinot Noir with enough depth and body to stand up to serious cuisine.


Meet Xabi Sanz from Viña Zorzal


Join Us For A Very Special In-Store Tasting!
Monday, March 13, 6-7:30 p.m.


Viña Zorzal Garnacha Navarra 2015
 Viña Zorzal Graciano 2014

15% discount on a case
10% discount on single bottles


We’re thrilled to be hosting Xabi Sanz from Viña Zorzal this Monday evening. Xabi is a passionate Spaniard that loves to share his knowledge and experience, as well as his wine! Come join us this Monday and discover what all the “bird buzz” is about!
Zorzal, meaning “wood thrush,” is the brainchild of Antonio Sanz. Sanz had been in the wine industry for his entire life and founded his own bodega in 1989 in Navarra. He came across centenary Garnacha vineyards that, despite having been neglected, still showed great potential. He began the laborious task of refurbishing the vines without the use of herbicides or pesticides, working the soils and treating them with organic compost throughout winter and summer and drastically reducing yields. Later, in 2009, Viña Zorzal was created to showcase the indigenous varieties of Navarra, especially Garnacha, Graciano, Tempranillo and Mazuelo. All Viña Zorzal wines are made from organically grown grapes, fermented by native yeasts, and are estate bottled.
Monday Evening Tasting: Viña Zorzal 
Xabi Sanz, crushing grapes during harvest in Navarra, Spain.
Viña Zorzal Garnacha Navarra 2015: $12 $10.80

A first-rate quaffer and screaming value, this is a perfect mid-week bottle. Smooth and easy to drink, it shows plenty of plum and blackberry fruit, with notes of hibiscus tea and brambles over light, well-integrated tannins.
Viña Zorzal Graciano 2014: $13 $11.70

If Graciano wasn't so difficult to remember, it would overtake Malbec in popularity. Dark blackberry flavors pair well with the wine’s lively acidity and violet undertones.


Natural Values and Burgundy Beauties for La Paulée


Join us for This Week's In-Store Tastings!

Everyday Pours, Naturally!
Thursday, March 9, 6-8 p.m.
Gaspard Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2015: $16, $14.40
Didier Montchovet Coteaux Bourguinons 2014: $18, $16.20

Château Tire Pé 2013: $18, $16.20

This Thursday evening we're featuring organic and biodynamic wines that are a delight to drink. And the great news is that they're all value wines! 

Burgundy Beauties for La Paulée de New York!
Saturday, March 11, 4-6 p.m.
Domaine Christian Moreau Chablis 2015: $32, $28.80
Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis 2014: $35, $31.50

Château Fuissé Pouilly Fuissé Tête de Cru 2014: $37, $33.30

This is a busy week for Burgundy lovers in NYC, as La Paulée de New York is in full swing with tastings and wine dinners around the city. Click on the link to find out more about this annual wine event, and to purchase tickets to the many tastings and seminars taking place. We rarely need an excuse to pour Burgundy, so we’re thrilled to be featuring three beautiful white Burgundy wines this Saturday.

Thursday's Tasting: Everyday Pours, Naturally!
Gaspard Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2015$16 $14.40

This wine is a blend of organically grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes from Touraine in the Loire Valley. It’s a refreshing everyday wine that expresses notes of lemon, verbena, flint, and fresh grassSimply delightful with an avocado salad or chicken curry.
Didier Montchovet Coteaux Bourguignons 2014: $18 $16.20

Didier Montchovet works 9.2 hectares of biodynamic vines near the village of Bouze-les-Beaune, in Burgundy. His Gamay grapes, used for this bottling, grow primarily on clay and limestone soil. Fresh picked field berries, black pepper, and vibrant acidity dominate the elegant finish. Serve this Gamay with grilled beef, veal or lamb chops.
Château Tire Pé 2013: $18 $16.20

Blessed with rich clay and limestone soils, this vineyard possesses fantastic southern exposures and overlooks Bordeaux’s Gironde River. Predominantly Merlot, with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine displays ripe red currant and blackberry fruit notes. Pair with pork loin & roasted vegetables.

Saturday's Tasting: Burgundy Beauties for La Paulée de New York!
Domaine Christian Moreau Chablis 2015: $32 $28.80

The Moreau family has been rooted in the heart of Chablis since the early 1800s.
The Chardonnay vines are grown on Kimmeridgian calcareous clay, providing lovely expressions of minerality, as well as richness in texture. This is everything that one could want from a Chablis, bone dry, crisp with apple and citrus notes, bright acidity and zippy minerality. Great with fish, oysters, or even Thai green curry.
Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis 2014: $35 $31.50

Known as one of the top producers in Chablis, Billaud-Simon's 20 hectares include four of the seven Grand Crus vineyards. They make their AC Chablis exclusively from estate fruit in the Kimmeridgian soils surrounding their 1er and Grand Cru vineyards. Ripe citrus fruit, bright mineral notes and a touch of brioche come together elegantly. Pair this Chablis with escargots or garlic chicken.
Château Fuissé Pouilly Fuissé Tête de Cru 2014: $37 $33.30

Château Fuissé's Tête de Cru is a blend of numerous prime vineyard sites throughout the appellation of Pouilly-Fuissé. Floral aromas, ripe fruit and mineral notes persist. The finish lingers with hints of toast and nut butter. Try it with fish with butter sauce or scallops.


Château Biac


Join us for This Weekend's In-Store Tastings!
Saturday, March 4, 4-6 p.m.

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Château Biac Cuvée Félix de Biac Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2013
Château Biac Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2011

We are delighted to invite you to taste our Château Biac wines from Bordeaux. Yasmina Asseily will be with us to present a few special cuvées from her family’s estate. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about Bordeaux winemaking first-hand and taste extraordinary wines!
Château Biac’s present day “château” was built in 1755, but its history dates back over six hundred years. Tony and Youmna Asseily acquired Château Biac in 2006 and began restoring the vineyards that had been neglected over the years. The hills and property at Biac provide an exceptional environment for the cultivation of the classic Bordeaux varietals.  The high proportion of gravel on the upper part of the slope is ideal for growing high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon, while the clay-limestone soil further downhill suits Cabernet Franc beautifully. The adjoining silt and sand plots are perfect for Merlot, Sémillon, and Sauvignon Blanc. Château Biac’s oenology team is comprised of veterans of Bordeaux winemaking, including Patrick Leon, formerly technical director of Mouton Rothschild and the creator of Opus One.

Saturday's Tasting: Château Biac 
Château Biac Cuvée Félix de Biac Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2013$24 $22

Félix is an easy drinking wine that should be enjoyed slightly chilled. It has an attractive nose with notes of baked cherry, dried leaves, and baking spice. On the palate, the flavors of ripe red fruit are balanced by well-integrated tannins. The Félix has a wonderful, silky texture.
Château Biac Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux 2011$53 $48

Truly a beautiful and delicious wine. Notes of rich red plum along with cassis and blackberry are lifted by the serious structure of velvety tannins and fresh acidity. The fruit on this wine is still youthful which makes this a drink now wine, but with its firm structure, it has potential to drink for the next few years.


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