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Far-Out France

07/05/17 @ 5:58pm

This Week's In-Store Tasting

Far-Out France
Thursday, July 6th, 6-8 p.m.

Domaine de la Dentelle Bugey Cerdon Rosé:  $23, $20.70
Louis Métaireau Muscadet Grand Mouton Sur Lie 2015: $22, $19.80
Château du Cèdre Marcel Malbec 2015 $13, $11.70

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, Bugey, and Cahors aren't appellations as recognizable as some, but the wines they produce – elegant, mineral Muscadet, opulent rosé demi-sec, and light, earthy Malbec – are versatile and classic summer quaffers, and the wines we've selected for our Thursday come from some of the top estates in "far-out" France.

A 10% in-store discount will be applied to all wines featured at our in-store tastings.
Far-Out France
Domaine de la Dentelle Bugey Cerdon Rosé: $23, $20.70

Marcel Perinet began his career as a waiter, became one of France’s top sommeliers, and went on to direct a 3-Michelin-starred restaurant for decades before inheriting two and a half hectares in Cerdon du Bugey within the Savoie region.  The catch?  The only wine allowed in the AOC is sweet, sparkling rosé, most of it indifferent and heavily sulfured.  Perinet completely revised the style’s production methods, choosing to farm organically, focus on Poulsard rather than Gamay, and bottle without sulfur.  The result?  A fresh, concentrated demi-sec showing red apple, raspberry, and sweet cherry that makes a gorgeous nightcap, with or without dessert.
Louis Métaireau Muscadet Grand Mouton Sur Lie 2015: $22, $19.80

Louis Métaireau was the first winemaker in Muscadet to introduce lees aging, thereby restoring the appellation’s reputation and becoming its most iconic producer.  His daughter, Marie-Luce, continues his work in the Grand Mouton vineyard, a raised mound between the AOC’s two rivers (La Maine et La Sèvre Nantaise) that spans 23 hectares and represents its best terroir.  Grand Mouton’s grapes are harvested late, providing richness and texture – supplemented by sur lieaging – that balance its light, lifting acidity, aromas of apple and pear, and pleasant minerality.
Château du Cèdre Marcel Malbec 2015: $13, $11.70

Château du Cèdre in Cahors – Malbec's spiritual home before its arrival in Mendoza – has been driving innovation in the region for decades under the direction of brothers Pascal and Jean-Marc, who banned pesticides in the vineyards in 2002 and gained their organic certification in 2012. Marcel, their entry-level bottling, is light, fruity and easygoing, though earthier than New World expressions of the grape.  Try it with burgers, barbecue, or by itself!


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